The Empire Strikes Back

Mitt Romney has been all over Texas Governor Rick Perry since the Perry campaign rollout, hitting him on Social Security, while leaving it to the other candidates to take bites out of him on other issues. Now Romney is back hitting Perry hard, unleashing an attack ad over Perry’s in-state tuition policy for illegal immigrants.Romney is taking a tack that may help him in the Republican primaries, but have some negative ramifications for the general election, which up to now has not been a part of his strategy. Perry is sinking like a stone, his lead in Florida eclipsed, his standing in Iowa diminished, and his poll numbers in New Hampshire presenting no threat to Romney at all. Romney is now moving in for the kill. The Republican nomination is now within sight for the Mittster, although he is still not inspiring those true blue conservatives. Hearing George Will compare him to Michael Dukakis (this election is not about ideology, it is about competence) has to be somewhat disappointing to Mitt, but is reflective of conservative unease over the “technocrat” Romney leading their party. Can Mitt ever “excite” the base? After the flirtation with Christie ends the conservatives might as well face reality. Romney looks to me like he will be the man.

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