Perry Leads Romney in FLA

A new Quinnipiac University poll shows Texas Governor Rick Perry leading the pack in FLA, but as is the case with polling there were some interesting tidbits in the data. In the straight matchup Perry leads Romney 28% to 22%, with Sarah Palin at 8%, Newt Gingrich at 7%, Ron Paul at 6%, Michelle Bachmann at 5%, and of course Jon Huntsman at a whopping 2%. With Palin out of the mix Perry moves to a 31-22 lead over Romney, and in a head to head fight Perry leads Romney 46-38%. The Tea Party support of Palin moves to Perry, reflecting his broader support within that group.

The survey offered some insights for President Obama, with a pretty big unfavorable rating among all FLA voters. The President has a job approval rating of 39%, with 57% giving him an unfavorable rating. In head to head match-ups Romney leads the President 47-40, while Rick Perry trails the President 44-42. The difference in those match-ups is the independent voter, where Rick Perry continues to lag.

FLA is a key state in the Presidential race, and the President’s approval rating do not bode well for his re-elect prospects. But he is in the fight if the Republicans nominate Rick Perry. Romney has been, from day one, the strongest Republican candidate in a general election match-up, in my opinion. A key battleground like FLA seems to bear that out. The survey press release is here.

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