Scott Brown Leads Pack

A new WBUR poll shows Senator Scott Brown leading all potential Democratic opponents, with newly minted candidate Elizabeth Warren closing to within nine points of Senator Brown. Brown led Elizabeth Warren by a 44% to 35% margin. The survey matched Brown against all of the prospective Democrats, with Brown not managing to break the 50% mark against any of them. In a match-up with Mayor Setti Warren Brown led by a 46% to 28% margin. Against Alan Khazei Brown led by a 45% to 30% margin, and against Bob Massie by 45% to 29%. I did not see any cross-tabs posted, but the name recognition numbers tell the story. Elizabeth Warren has not been heard of by 44%, Setti Warren 65%, Bob Massie 56%, and Alan Khazei 52%. All the Democrats, including Elizabeth Warren, have a long way to go in terms of basic name recognition. That will cost lots of money, and it better be done before the Scott Brown financial juggernaut has an opportunity to create the narrative against the nominee.

So it is early yet, and the poll is not all that valuable a tool. But the Party insider drumbeat for Elizabeth Warren gets louder by the minute. Her appearance at the big Labor breakfast as keynote speaker was warmly received, but had to be offensive to all of the other declared Democratic candidates for Senate. None of them were invited to speak, and the figleaf that Elizabeth Warren is not a declared candidate is just so much nonsense. The breakfast organizers should have been fairer to the other candidates, all of whom have been strong labor supporters. I guess that will just have to be sorted out during the upcoming campaign.

I have endorsed Mayor Setti Warren in this race.

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1 Response to Scott Brown Leads Pack

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    I think you will be disappointed in your fellow Democrat, mayor (Setti Warren). I remember his TV Ad when he criticized Senator Brown for voting with his speaker 80% of the time.

    This confused me. Did he mean that 80% was to much? I took heart in the fact that, based on this criticism that he may vote with the Democrat leader less than 80% if he wins.

    This guy could be as dumb as Deval and Obama.



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