Sarah Hits the Mittster

Sarah Palin launched a hard attack on Mitt Romney, nominally on the issue of his failure to state a position on the debt ceiling debate until very late, but in reality taking on his decision to run quiet on the campaign trail. Romney has concentrated his efforts into fundraising, organizing, and limited public comments on anything. Romney eventually came out against the debt deal, but it was not good enough for Governor Palin, who wants principled candidates in the Republican race. Palin did praise Michelle Bachmann, who came out early and hard against any increase in the debt ceiling. Will Romney eventually be smoked out, or will he continue to be allowed to fly under the political radar screen by Republicans? For all the Romney bashing going on on the Republican side I have not yet seen another candidate with a path to victory. Mitt appears to be set on a general election strategy that may enrage a big portion of the Republican base.

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