April Story is August Artist of the Month

Mayor William M. Manzi has named April Story as August’s Artist of the Month. April, a mermaid and fantasy artist, grew up in Amesbury, MA. As a child, she had a vivid imagination. Growing up she believed unicorns ate the apples off the trees in her yard, fairies flew around causing mischief and mermaids swam in the ocean with the dolphins. She brings a bold and slightly abstract view to her mermaids using acrylics on canvas along with mixed textures. Her dream is for people of all ages to have her paintings hanging in their homes.

When asked where she draws her inspiration from, she says: “I am often drawn to nature, energy and emotions. Sometimes I will find myself day dreaming while outside and it will just hit me. For example, I would see a rainbow and at the time I would be feeling insecure and next thing I know I will start to see images in my mind that intertwine what I am seeing and feeling. For the most part I see colors but then I start to see shapes and movement within my mind and I instantly see the next painting.”

April received her associate’s degree in Graphic Design from NECC in Haverhill but decided to become a visual artist instead. She is currently a member of the Greater Haverhill Artist Association as well as the Arts Institute Group of Methuen.

Mayor Manzi stated, “I’d like to thank April for her participation in this program. She is one of the many talented young painters working in our community. It is an honor to display her artwork. I encourage people to come to my office and view her paintings.”

The Methuen Artist of the Month Program was created by Mayor Manzi five years ago in order to give members of the Methuen Arts Community a forum to display their work and to encourage participation in Methuen’s growing creative economy. Methuen artists interested in being considered for Artist of the Month should contact the Mayor’s Office.

April Story is August Artist of the Month

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