Fun With Mitt and Tim and Jon

The Democrats are having some fun at Mitt Romney’s expense, putting out a video highlighting his inconsistency of word relative to the responsibility of President Obama for an economy that is “worse” than what he inherited. Or not. Mitt, who seemed to have conquered his consistency issue so far in this campaign, has had a slight relapse. The Democrats have pounced, but the Republican nomination will not be decided by videos from the DNC. But they are, after all, such good sport. Romney’s gaffe made a few headlines, but will soon be forgotten when he announces his quarterly fundraising totals. He will likely bury his nearest competition in a sea of fundraising dollars, with expectations reaching as high as $20 million. Tim Pawlenty and Jon Huntsman have announced, with each one raising about $4.2 million. Huntsman will have to do a lot better than that if his drive to crack 4% is going to succeed in New Hampshire.

Pawlenty finds himself surging towards the 4% mark in Iowa, and with some new advertising should be knocking on the door of that threshold very shortly. His new ad takes aim at the unions in Minnesota, and appears to want to further insert himself into the current budgetary fiasco in that state. By the time Pawlenty devises a cogent campaign strategy and message Michelle Bachmann will barely be able to see him in her rear view mirror.

Such Good Sport!

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