Tina Gagnon is the January Artist of the Month

Mayor William M. Manzi has named Tina Gagnon as January’s Artist of the Month. Tina is an exceptional color pencil artist whose work is often displayed at art shows across New England. Largely self-taught, she honed her craft through study at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, and maintains membership in the Greater Salem Art Association, the Methuen based Art Institute Group of Merrimack Valley, the New Hampshire Art Association, and the National Colored Pencil Society. In 2010, Tina’s work earned several awards including 1st place ribbons at the Deerfield Fair and the Greater Salem Artist Association Spring and Winter Show.

Using colored pencils allows Tina to capture the very vivid and sometimes subtle colors found in nature. Her work is characterized by a high degree realism and fine detail that recreates subjects found in New England’s gardens, woods, and mountains. Besides depicting indigenous flora, butterflies, and birds, she regularly accepts commissions to draw people’s pets. Through “Pet Portraits by Tina,” she has drawn horses, dogs, cats, and other beloved pets. At tinagagnon.com one can view her portfolio and inquire about commissioning a work.

Tina encourages prospective colored pencil artists by saying, “Keep those pencils sharp!” Tina loves working in colored pencils, and her work is on display in the Mayor’s Office.

Mayor Manzi stated, “I’d like to personally thank Tina for her participation in this program. She is one of the many talented artists working in our community. It is an honor to display her drawings. I encourage people to come to my office and view her work.”

The Methuen Artist of the Month Program was created by Mayor Manzi four years ago in order to give members of the Methuen Arts Community a forum to display their work and to encourage participation in Methuen’s growing creative economy. Methuen artists interested in being considered for Artist of the Month should contact the Mayor’s Office.

Tina Gagnon is the January Artist of the Month

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