Third Party Redux

There seems to be some similarities between the Massachusetts Governor’s race and the Florida Senate race, with both Charlie’s struggling mightily to get out a third candidate that appears to be blocking any chance of victory for them. The Florida Senate race has been roiled by a Politico story that says that Bill Clinton traveled to Florida to ask Kendrick Meek to withdraw from the race and support Governor Charlie Crist. The report also says that Meek agreed to withdraw, and that an endorsement rally was planned where Meek was scheduled to endorse Crist. Meek gave the folks at Morning Joe a tortured response to the question of whether the conversation about dropping out had occurred. The Clinton camp seemed to confirm that such conversations did in fact occur. It is a wee bit of a mess that might not have Paul Loscocco, but has a former President of the United States. And Charlie Crist is pouring as much gasoline on this as he can, hoping to totally marginalize Kendrick Meek.

In looking at the polling data I guess Crist has little to lose. The latest Mason-Dixon poll has Marco Rubio ahead by 17 points over Crist and 24 points over Meek. Rubio can sit back and enjoy Crist and Meek ripping each other to shreds. This race is over, and Republican Marco Rubio will be Florida’s next Senator. I have pointed out the senate races that have been given away by the Republicans (Delaware, maybe Nevada, and likely Alaska) but this is one given away by the Democrats. Meek and Crist are toast.

The Miami Herald story.

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