Tom Reilly Endorses Charlie Baker, and More Cahill

Former Democratic Attorney General Tom Reilly yesterday endorsed Republican Charlie Baker for Governor, extolling his virtues as the head of Harvard Pilgrim. Reilly, who lost the Democratic nomination for Governor to Patrick four years ago, worked with Baker while AG to help turn around Harvard Pilgrim. Reilly will and has been accused of sour grapes, and his wooden campaign style has been compared (in not so endearing terms) to Charlie Baker’s. I guess it is a good pickup for Baker, but it is not going to move the needle a whole lot.

In the meantime the impacts of the emails released showing the Cahill campaign looking to get a boost from lottery advertising are now sinking in, with multiple media hits on Cahill today. The Globe hit him in an editorial, , while Scott Lehigh hit him hard in an op-ed. Not a good media day for Treasurer Tim, and it will not be getting better any time soon.

Baker released a new ad, and in my humble opinion it is not effective. I just don’t see him making a connection with voters, and this ad gives us more of the same. The clock is ticking on the Baker campaign. They have precious little time to “move the needle”. This ad will not be moving anything.

David Paleologos defends the Suffolk polling methodology, and reminds us of his calling the Scott Brown win while other pollsters had Martha Coakley leading that race. On this discussion I think David has the clear high ground. Believe the Suffolk numbers.

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