The Angle-Reid Debate

Sharron Angle debated Harry Reid last night, and I got a chance to watch some of it. I was struck by how poor a debater Reid really is, looking the part of the Washington insider. Reid failed to take it to Angle on the many issues that she is wide open on, and in my opinion left her on stage as an equal. Reid’s performance has to be a disappointment to Democrats, especially in light of Angle’s own (in my opinion) lack of debating skills. Harry Reid is a smart man, but you wouldn’t know it from the performance last evening. MSNBC covered the debate, and Lawrence O’Donnell had third party Tea Party candidate Scott Ashjian on, and he reminds us how third party candidates can just be skunks at the garden party. In this case Angle’s interactions with Ashjian came up during the debate, and Ashjian, in the interview, called Angle a career politician and a liar.

Reid already has released an ad attacking Angle over his response to the insurance company mandate question during the debate. That didn’t take long. And Angle is hitting Reid hard over the tax issue with her own ad. This is a marquee race, and may be the most closely watched in the country. And it is going to come down to the wire.

Read the Washington Post article here.

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