And They Turn the 3/4 Pole

The Governor’s race, with Labor Day upon us, is beginning to really take off. Charlie Baker is up on the air with a new ad, and is in today’s Herald complaining that a new Deval Patrick mail piece is a “personal attack”.

“When you don’t have anything to talk about of your own accord, that’s where you go,” Baker told the Herald yesterday.

Apparently Baker objects to continuing attacks on his role in the Big Dig financing plan when he was Secretary of A&F, as well as the Governor highlighting the large premium increases at Harvard Pilgrim when Baker was CEO at the health insurer. Doug Rubin from the Patrick campaign hit back.

“It seems pretty clear Tim Cahill was right about one thing: Charlie feels he should be coronated governor, and not earn it through an election,” Rubin said.

The arms race is heating up, with Tim Cahill weighing in today to urge the Governor and the Legislature to come back into session to deal with the dormant casino bill. Cahill’s call will resonate on Labor Day with unions disaffected by the failure to enact this bill, as he seeks to strip more organized labor support from the Democratic Governor.

Baker’s ad returns him to the “had enough” theme, and attacks both Patrick and Cahill. You can expect a lot more of this, as Baker has set the table with today’s Herald story to begin a full scale media assault on the Governor. Deval Patrick continues to hold his powder on television, but you can expect that to end very shortly. Labor Day is here. Let the hard hitting campaign begin.

Read the Herald story here.

Read the Globe story here.

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