Tony Blair: A Journey

Tony Blair has just published his memoirs and is now making the rounds to publicize the book. He stopped in to Christine Amanpour’s This Week show and talked about a whole bunch of interesting (to me) stuff. The New York Times gives a pretty tough review in this weeks book review but I am going to buy it anyway. Somewhere in that book review the point is made that American readers will not be interested in his relationship with Gordon Brown, his Chancellor. Quite the contrary. A fascinating and complex relationship, and something that I am quite eager to read about. He was pretty tough on Brown, and seemed reluctant to pin him too severely on Amanpour’s show, but apparently was not so reluctant in print. He was wrong on Iraq, in my opinion, but even when you disagree you can see him make a great argument. Love him or hate him he was (and is) a major world player.

Read the New York Times review of the Tony Blair book “A Journey” here.

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