Judy Scannell Named Interim Superintendent

The Methuen School Committee, in a unanimous vote, selected Tenney/Timony Supervising Principal Judy Scannell to be the interim Superintendent of Schools in Methuen. The Committee voted to give Judy a one year contract. She is slated to replace Dr. Jeanne Whitten, who retires at the end of August.

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2 Responses to Judy Scannell Named Interim Superintendent

  1. Gerard Donahue says:

    Mayor Manzi:

    I think this is a wise choice and the hope that she becomes the permanent one in the even Mr. Nick does not decide to go for it.


  2. Ben Nevis says:

    The selecton of Ms. Scannell is a REALLY GREAT
    selection. She has the respect of teachers, staff and parents.


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