Sharron Angle: Pravda in Nevada

Candidate for U.S. Senate in Nevada Sharron Angle seems quite determined to keep saying things that are quite extraordinary. Her latest? The press should ask questions that the candidates would like to answer, and press appearances should be designed to help the candidate raise money. I know Angle is the conservative in this race, but her press philosophy sounds much like the Soviet philosophy of a “free press”. Will an Angle victory bring a Pravda to Nevada? No wonder the dour Harry Reid seems to be smiling more these days.

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1 Response to Sharron Angle: Pravda in Nevada

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    A Democrat tying a conservative into a Communist entity. Come on, Your Honor.

    Here’s on e.

    Harry Reid is an enabler of our own Hugo Chevas in the guise of Barak Obama as he drives to seize as much of the government as possible.

    Reid will need Billions to beat her.



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