The President on Jobs and Solar

The President spent his weekly address time speaking of the need for job growth and cited two solar companies who are locating manufacturing facilities in the United States. Manufacturing, or the lack thereof, has been a critical factor in our economic descent. The free trade zealots would have us believe that this is all a matter of “retooling our economy” for a new world order, where the economy of the United States, bereft of manufacturing, will adapt in other ways. Workers will be “retrained” for this new world order. This canard has led to the “hollowing out” of America, with companies outsourcing much of our manufacturing, and sapping the very thing that created our economic strength in the first place: MANUFACTURING.

For those who point to the United States as a “high labor cost” manufacturer two things need to be pointed out. The United States and its government have been shockingly passive as unfair trade practices, including direct industry subsidies by foreign governments, have wiped out huge sections of our manufacturing base. (See European subsidy of Airbus). The second thing to consider is the German model, where a “high cost” nation continues to prosper, with a booming export business and a real manufacturing base.

It is well past time for the United States to develop an industrial policy that places the needs of America first. And that means the redevelopment of a manufacturing sector right here in America. Difficult, yes. Impossible, definitely not.

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