Blanche Lincoln wins in Arkansas

Senator Blanche Lincoln held on in Arkansas, fending off Lt. Governor Bill Halter in the Democratic primary by a 52-48 margin. She will now face off against Republican John Boozman in November. Lincoln was the incumbent, and many doubted her ability to withstand the onslaught she took from organized labor, who poured $10 million into defeating her. Lincoln had the support of the White House, and strong support from former President Bill Clinton, a former governor of Arkansas, who not only campaigned for Lincoln but took on labor directly. The ongoing rift between labor and the White House and the Democratic Party has just grown a bit wider. Post election sniping between the White House and labor took a bit of a nasty turn in the Huffington Post, and labor appears poised to sit out the general election, a great benefit to Republican Boozman.

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