Governor's Race Rasmussen Poll

A new Rasmussen survey shows a very tight Governor’s race, with Governor Deval Patrick holding a narrowing lead over Republican Charlie Baker and Independent Tim Cahill. In that three way race Patrick comes in at 33%, with Baker at 28%, Cahill at 25%, and undecided at 14%. With Christy Mihos as the Republican nominee Patrick comes in at 32%, with Cahill at 28% and Mihos at 26% and undecided at 14%. The poll numbers continue to be ominous for the Governor with regards to job performance, with only 34% approving of the Governor’s job performance, and 64% disapproving. In terms of favorability the Governor had 13% who viewed him “very favorably”, while 31% viewed him “very unfavorably”. Those numbers seem consistent across the differing polls, and quite frankly are not good news for the Governor. The positive news for Governor Patrick appears to be that with all of the negatives highlighted he continues to lead. The center right split appears to be aiding him, but the Republicans and Cahill have not started to apply pressure on the Governor either. Still a way to go, but we have not as of yet seen the uptick in polling data that the Governor and his team have been hoping for. Read the Rasmussen findings here.

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1 Response to Governor's Race Rasmussen Poll

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    I assume there will be a “Vote for Deval Patrick” pin on your jacket.

    He has to go through another budget cut exercise. If we are suffering reduced revenue and further Federal help is iffy, he will probably take another hit because the governor and the Massachusetts General Court have no capability to resolve the problems except to ‘raise taxes’. Now we know how successful the last sales tax increase was (for New Hampshire).

    If he falls further in the polls will another Democrat challenge him?

    Together we can.



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