President Obama Reports on G-20

The President gives a wrap-up of the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh as well as his visit to the U.N., talking financial reform, economic growth, Iran, and the Israeli and Palestininian meeting he brokered.

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1 Response to President Obama Reports on G-20

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    I noticed, in group shots, that Obama’s new best friend, Russia, was not present, nor was our chief banker, China.

    Was Obama able to look into Putin’s eyes and see his soul?

    I see Obama talked about financial ‘reform’. There’s that word again. We know how well that works for Massachusetts. Now the Democratic President (taxes fix everything) wants to bring this Globally.

    Obama, the king of Global Economic Growth, really scares me. Look how well it has worked here. Where is the Stimulus package?

    Certainly a bright future for our grandchildren.



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