Senate Passes Interim Bill

The Massachusetts Senate yesterday gave approval to the bill allowing Governor Deval Patrick to appoint an interim U.S. Senator pending the special election to fill the vacancy. The vote in the State Senate was 24-16, with eleven Democrats joining the five Senate Republicans in opposition. Locally Senator Steve Baddour and Senator Susan Tucker voted no. Up in Lowell the Chair of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, (the great and powerful) Senator Steve Panagiotakos also voted no. The measure failed to have an emergency preamble attached, but it appears that the Governor will proceed utilizing his own administrative authority to make this legislation effective immediately. Names that have been mentioned include former Governor Michael Dukakis, and former Democratic National Committee Chair Paul Kirk, as well as Evelyn Murphy, former Lt. Governor.

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1 Response to Senate Passes Interim Bill

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Attaboy Steve Baddour. I am proud of you. My onl question; WHY?



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