New Rasmussen Poll on Governors Race

A new Rasmussen poll on the Massachusetts Governors race shows lingering political problems for Governor Deval Patrick, who trails Republican Christy Mihos in a head to head matchup. Governor Patrick has a 5 point edge over Republican Charlie Baker in a head to head matchup, but some of the underlying discontent with the Governor comes through clearly in this survey. The poll shows Patrick with a 57% disapproval rating, including 32% who strongly disapprove. Those are dangerous numbers for an incumbent. Other numbers of interest include Patrick being below 70% support amongst Democrats, and also registering faltering support amongst independent voters. Both Republican candidates showed more support than the Governor in this key area, and Rasmussen shows only 25% support for Patrick’s re-election amongst this key voter bloc. The Governor has plenty of time to turn these numbers around, and will still be a formidable opponent in the next election cycle. But he is vulnerable, and from this point forward needs to be error free. Today’s story in the Globe detailing his ongoing support for an increase in the gasoline tax while signing about a billion dollars worth of tax increases probably was not politically helpful.

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3 Responses to New Rasmussen Poll on Governors Race

  1. Summer says:

    I agreet that Governar Patrick has plenty of time to turn those numbers around. However, the state is reeeling under the loss of aid to cities and towns. I think that will be the sticking point because his original platform was that the state should INCREASE that aid. The increased taxes passed under an always predominantly Democrat legislature sailed through with our Democrat Governor. Some may say this is shades of the Dukakis days when everybody’s hand was in our pockets. We shall see what we shall see.


  2. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    There is a chance for ‘Hope and Change’. If only a few of my friends……… never mind.



  3. Bob LeBlanc says:

    On balance Methuen should be pleased that it will maintain the curent level of services without a tax increase. Mayor Manzi deserves credit for this achievement, which is unprecedented in the state and not replicated in any other of the 365 cities and towns.

    Praise ought to be given to those public employees who gave back to the community they serve in this time of financial pain. Their selflessness ought to be remembered in the future and those who refused to consider any sacrifice ought to be remembered as well.

    Good job Mr Mayor!


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