Health Care Deal in Methuen

I am very pleased to announce a health care deal in Methuen between the City and the Coalition representing the municipal unions on health care. This health care agreement will save Methuen taxpayers $1.2 million dollars in FY 2010. The insurance coalition, chaired by Teachers Union President Donna Gogas, has representatives from all municipal unions, including Police, Fire, and the Laborers Union. The potential for an increase of that magnitude shows how far out of whack our national health care system is, but I digress. The Coalition agreed to a new menu of co-pays and a new plan for prescription drugs. The new menu includes co-pays that did not exist in the prior plan, and increases to existing co-pays. It required a huge change in the plan, and I am grateful to the coalition for all of their hard work to produce a plan that not only saved the City money, but holds premium increases in the Tufts plan to 33 cents per week for an individual, and 88 cents per week for a family plan. We have incorporated several innovations to our plan, and a key to our success has been the willingness of Donna Gogas, the Coalition President, to work on health care all year round, not just at budget time. Read the Tribune story on this announcement here. Donna Gogas joined me for yesterdays announcement.

Methuen Teachers Union President Donna Gogas and Mayor Manzi

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4 Responses to Health Care Deal in Methuen

  1. Summer says:

    Kudos Mayor Manzi and Teachers Union President Donna Gogas for working out a fair and equitable deal on health care for both the city and the teachers. This plan is right in line with what many residents in town are presently paying for health care through our own work plans. This shows a willingness on both sides to work for the greater good of all.


  2. Fred Mertz says:

    So, Together We Can works in Methuen? Now, there’s something we should export … Mr. Mayor, can you bottle it and send it south a couple of exits?



  3. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Maybe you can tout this true ‘reform’ effort to your “friends” in the Great and General Court.

    Hey guys, this is how it’s done. Now If I can do it, why can’t you?

    I have one question. Does this deal return the situation to normal IF the economy gets better?

    Great work. Skillful and quiet. No screaming.



  4. Bill Manzi says:

    On your question Jules the answer is no. The package remains the same regardless of future conditions. And thank you for the kind words, all three. I have been somewhat under the weather and not able to respond, as well as dealing with the municipal budget.


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