U2 In Somerville

U2 played a “suprise” gig in Somerville a couple of nights ago, and Mayor Joseph Curatone posted this video on his Facebook page. Mayor Curatone is a great mayor, but I would like to know why his staff said “Mayor Bill Who from where” when I called for tickets! A great night for Somerville, and another coup for one of the Commonwealths most effective mayors.

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2 Responses to U2 In Somerville

  1. Patrizia says:

    Bonehead Bono and crew. You would have to pay me (and I would charge top-dollar) to attend one of their ‘concerts’.

    By the way, did you see how they’re moving their business to the Netherlands in order to evade paying taxes in Ireland?? How typical. They want to tell you how to live, that YOU should pay more taxes, but for the hackerama of the Bonehead and his edge, why that’s BENEATH them. No-talent hypocrites. Textbook liberals.


  2. Patrizia says:

    I’m so sorry. I stated that they were moving their business to the Netherlands. I was incorrect. They already HAVE moved their business there. In 2006.

    All in a day’s work for one of the world’s most lucrative bands. I seem to remember Bonehead Bono pleading for the people of the world to donate money to help the poor and governments to donate more of their taxpayers’ money in the name of global aid. But Bonehead Buttboy Bono and his bumbling band (I love turning an alliterative phrase) are exempt from such mundane matters.

    Textbook liberals.


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