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Gates to stay at defense

Current Secretary of Defense Robert Gates will be asked by President-elect Obama to stay in that position, likely for about one year according to multiple media sources. Gates is a former CIA Director, as well as a close friend of … Continue reading

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All Transportation, All the Time

I know this is not a transportation blog, but the bad place we find ourself in transportation wise in Massachusetts just keeps dominating the news cycle, and is so important to us in so many different ways that I just … Continue reading

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Obama introduces his economic team

Here is President-elect Obama bringing out his economic team today. No suprises here.

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Stimulus Package Growing

President-elect Barack Obama and his advisors are sending strong signals that a proposed stimulus bill could be in the $700 billion dollar range. From the Washington Post: Facing an increasingly ominous economic outlook, President-elect Barack Obama and other Democrats are … Continue reading

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Federal Bailout of CitiGroup

The Federal government moved late last night to stabilize Citigroup by injecting billions of dollars into the beleagered firm. Citi has seen its stock price fall by over 60 percent, ending at $3.77 last week. It has billions of dollars … Continue reading

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Richardson, Summers and Orszag Join Cabinet

On Monday President elect Obama will round out his economic team by having Larry Summers, Bill Richardson, and Peter Orszag join Tim Geithner as the heart of the new economic team. Have these economic appointments ever been more important? The … Continue reading

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Lebanese Independence Day

Methuen is flying the Lebanese Flag all weekend to honor the 65th anniversary of Lebanese independence, celebrated on November 22. Methuen, as well as the Merrimack Valley, has thousands of American citizens of Lebanese descent. Happy Independence Day! Lebanon’s parliament … Continue reading

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Holy Family Hospital Mens Guild Annual Dinner

Holy Family Hospital Men’s Guild FIFTY- NINTH ANNUAL Men’s Guild Dinner and Assembly Thursday, December 4, 2008 Social hour 6:00p.m. – Dinner 7:00 p.m. WYNDHAM, 123 Old River Road, Andover, MA Anyone interested in attending may call the Hospital Development … Continue reading

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Axelrod: No Blank Check for Automakers

Presidential advisor David Axelrod said this morning on “This Week”that President-elect Obama would be against any bailout for the big three that does not show a business plan that brings them back to solvency. While Axelrod did not say what … Continue reading

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Obama warns of millions of job losses in weekly radio address

President President Elect Barack Obama has warned of the perils of a deflationary spiral that could bring job losses in the millions. There is plenty of meat in his weekly radio address, and a lot to be concerned with as … Continue reading

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