Republican Rep Darrell Issa Condemns Treasury, Fed

Conservative Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, a no vote on the Bush bailout package, appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews today and said, amongst other things, that the “mismanagement of the Fed and the Treasury had gone on for “months and years”. He also urged Treasury Secretary Paulson to stop acting like a “day trader” at Goldman Sachs and begin acting like a traditional banker. If the Republican House leadership had indeed made a deal to contribute “half of their caucus” to this package they must have forgot to tell members like Issa. And Issa did not sound like a man who had been influenced by some harsh partisan rhetoric by Speaker Pelosi into voting against the package. Sounded to me like he was going to vote against it even if the Speaker blew kisses to the Republican side of the aisle.

It is a strange event unfolding, with the Republican President and the Republican nominee for President supporting this package, and the House Republicans repudiating both. Issa avoided direct criticism of McCain, instead praising McCain for saying that SEC Chairman Chris Cox should be fired. Cox is a former Republican member of the House of Representatives.

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4 Responses to Republican Rep Darrell Issa Condemns Treasury, Fed

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    I believe about 90+ Democrats voted against the bill.

    I notice you are using that media trick of labeling Republicans while ignoring errant Democrats by party.

    There are no innocents here, Your Honor.



  2. Bill Manzi says:

    The Democrats agreed to deliver a certain amount of votes for the Presidents bill. They delivered. The Republican leadership committed to deliver a certain amount of votes for the Presidents bill. They did not deliver. John McCain was telling us all week how he had “suspended” his campaign and shown the country leadership by stitching together this compromise. Looks like John should have left this issue alone.
    I did say in one of my posts that both sides should hang their heads in shame over the sniping. As the ship of state burns we are subjected to petty nonsense. Its time to put election considerations aside and act in the best interests of the country.


  3. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    This is a Democratic campaign hit piece. Nancy Pelosi was not only vile, she lied about the history. Not only was Barney Frank wining, he was lying about his support for Fannie et al.

    Since you love to use YouTube check out Barney’s statements in his own words.

    You are petty when you say Nanacy delivered all but 90 votes and the Republicans delivered all but 13. If it was such a big deal, why didn’t Mz Pelosi just deliver 13 more Democrats and carry the day?

    Your Honor, did Mz Pelosi give her rebels permission to vote no on the bill? I’m investigating.

    I think she went off the deep end when she counted noses a discovered she blew it with permission grants.

    I wonder how the general public is taking it? Seems they may not be in favor of letting the Wall Street geedy managers off the hook.

    Boy, all kinds of shoes are on different feet.

    Oh,I apparently was optomistic when I said, on another post, that Nanacy, the liar, was acting responsible. I take it back.

    I am reviewing the CRA legislation passed under the Carter administration and the subsequent support it got from the Democrats to weaken mortgage requirements. This is what got us in to hot water.

    See you on the other side.



  4. Bill Manzi says:

    Let me stick to just the vote for now. Lets take it by the numbers.

    1) The bailout package is filed and supported by the President, a Republican.

    2) The Republican nominee for President supported the package, and in fact bragged about his “putting it together” during his “suspended campaign”.

    3) In order to build support for the package several key amendments were added at the insistence of both Republicans and Democrats.

    4)The Republican leadership and the Democratic leadership “made a deal” in which each committed about half of their caucus to vote yes. The Democrats would be fools to take on a Republican bill without some level of Republican support. As you point out the bill is deeply unpopular.

    5) The Democrats held up their end of the bargain. The Republicans did not.

    6)I agree with you that maybe more time was needed, and that the bill had some flaws. At the end of the day the Republican President said quick action was “vital” on this bill.

    7)The Republicans invented a story about being “offended” by remarks from Nancy Pelosi. Truth was they failed to round up members of their caucus to vote “aye” and were looking for an excuse.

    8)The above seven are not impacted by opinion on whether the bill is good or not good.

    Tell me which point is not one hundred percent accurate. I am not a partisan on this matter, but I know b.s. when I see it. Both sides threw it, but the Republican b.s. was a little heavier.


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