And McCain misspeaks on Iran

And the now older clip of Joe Lieberman pointing out to Senator McCain that Al-Qaeda in Iraq is actually a Sunni terrorist organization. And isn’t it amazing that the neo-con supporters of the war continually express astonishment and outrage over Iran’s increasing influence in the region after the Iraq invasion, when that invasion was what gave them the extra influence. Continually we have seen (even on this blog) a lack of comprehension by war supporters of the differences between shia and sunni, and how that impacts our foreign policy decisions. As far as the neo-cons are concerned they are all “terrorists”. Doesn’t it remind you of the Vietnam era, when the same mindset claimed that all “communists” were alike, working at the behest of Moscow. After we left Indochina communist Vietnmam invaded communist Cambodia and overthrew the Khmer Rouge, communist China invaded communist Vietnmam and fought a bloody war, China and the Soviets fought some bloody border battles. I guess nuance is lost on these guys.

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1 Response to And McCain misspeaks on Iran

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Ah, your Honor,
    Old News, just like the 57 states. However, I would think I would confuse the many Muslim and Arab groups and their affiliations before I would forget the number of states in our disunited States.

    Get current your honor. This thing is going forward.



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