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Regulatory Relief Task Force

I am posting the report of the Regulatory Relief Task Force that I put together last year to study (and recommend change to) the regulatory burden that Methuen government imposes on business and citizen. Please give me your feedback on … Continue reading

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The Obama Tide

Senator Barack Obama continued his winning ways yesterday, producing big wins in the Hawaii caucus as well as the Wisconsin primary. Obama has now won ten consecutive contests and has built a real head of steam heading into the Ohio … Continue reading

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Florida and Michigan

As the Democratic Party approaches a situation where neither candidate for President may have the number of delegates needed to win the nomination the fate of the delegations from Florida and Michigan has taken center stage. With both states being … Continue reading

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The Speaker Weighs In

Speaker Sal Dimasi outlined key framework points that will be included in the House budget currently under preparation. The Speaker continued his political dance with Governor Patrick, giving him a victory on closing corporate tax loopholes while not giving the … Continue reading

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Yawn- Romney endorses McCain

Mitt Romney, in a final indignity, today endorsed Senator John McCain. The two had traded some pretty heavy shots during the campaign season, but today the Mittster swallowed hard and did the party unity thing. From the Washington Post: With … Continue reading

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Grand Opening Arlington Neighborhood Community Center

The brand new Community Center of the Arlington Neighborhood opened its doors yesterday for the first time, with about 200 supporters from around the community on hand to celebrate. We also had the privilege of having House Ways and Means … Continue reading

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Methuen City Hall Delayed One Hour

Methuen City Hall will open today at 9:00 a.m. due to the storm. Methuen Public Schools have delayed opening by two hours.

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