Primary Day in Methuen

Tuesday is primary day in Methuen, with elections being held for West District City Councilor and Central District City Councilor. In the West District the field consists of incumbents Robert Andrew and Deborah Quinn, along with challengers Jeanne Pappalardo, Bryan Sweet and Jack Burke. One will be eliminated. In the Central District the field consists of incumbents John Cronin and Phil Lahey along with challengers David Lavallee, Fadi Chahine, Donna Talbot, Jamie Atkinson and Derrick Jones. In that race three will be eliminated. With no at large or mayoral primary turnout expectations are low, but I hope to see a larger than anticipated turnout. Good luck to all of the candidates, and to the voters I say lets reward the efforts of these candidates by participating. I will try to get the results up by early tommorow evening. For the West District the polling locations are the Park Garden Apartment complex and the Marsh School, and for the Central District voting is at the Donald Timony School.

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