Congressional Endorsement: Mayor Eileen Donoghue

EndorseThis morning I will formally endorse Lowell City Councilor and former Mayor Eileen Donoghue for Congress. Eileen is a candidate with a wealth of governmental experience, all of which will make her a great congresswoman. My endorsement is based on some of the very things we have all talked about on this blog. This Congressional race has centered, up to this point, on the great national issues of the day, be it health care, global warming, or the War in Iraq. These are truly critical issues that deserve all the attention and policy focus we can give. As a Mayor however I need to be able to discuss with my Congressional representative the overriding issues of the day in Methuen, be it unfunded Federal mandates, our input on No Child Left Behind, our critical issue at Malden Mills, our need for a new postal facility, our desire to bring rail service to Methuen, our need for federal help with brownfields, and many others. Eileen has talked to me and visited Methuen many times. Her local experience, in my mind, makes her ideally suited to succeed Marty Meehan as our next Congresswoman from the Fifth District.

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7 Responses to Congressional Endorsement: Mayor Eileen Donoghue

  1. Jim says:

    hmmm. But where does she stand on NAFTA? 😉


  2. Bill Manzi says:

    She has said that Meehan’s vote was wrong, and that NAFTA has not worked. She did not hedge her bets on that debate question, as others did.


  3. DJ says:

    Best of luck!


  4. DJ says:

    Just don’t forget to endorse me when I run in 20 years or so… 😉


  5. ED/SAN ANTONIO, TX says:



  6. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    I see that your house candidate,Eileen Donghue, has labeled me as one of the evil ones. She says the nation is at a “dangerous” place in history ( Aug 3, 2007 Herald) in reference to the court make up. Does that mean I and the rest of the Republican party are “Nazi” like?

    We may have policy differences, but that woman insulted me directly.

    Let’s not go into her dumb (misspoken) words that shows she does not know who “vets” supreme court candidates. Lawrence Tribe reminded her.

    So much for “wealth of experience”.

    The hate goes on.



  7. Bill Manzi says:

    I read the article and failed to see Eileen calling anyone nazis. I would not expect that you would see a problem with the Bush High Court appointees, but most of the Democratic Party do see a problem. (And Eileen is running in a Democratic Primary) Those differences do not equate to people being characterized as Nazi like, but they do represent real differences in approach. This may call for a post and some hard hitting blogging on the Republican Supreme Court. Maybe we can start with Bush v Gore?


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