Run Al Run

A new Suffolk University Channel 7 Survey done by Suffolk Pollster David Paleologos shows former Vice-President Al Gore leading the Democratic field in New Hampshire. Gore has a 32- 26 percent lead over Hillary Clinton. With Gore riding a tide of favorable sentiment built around his film “An Inconvenient Truth” and his new book “The Assault on Reason” now is the time for Al Gore to step up to the political plate and run a campaign based on ideas and policies that the country has moved strongly towards. We have gotten to see the real Al Gore, not the candidate bound up by political consultants. His daughter says that he is trying to get politics out of his system, but I think he has a little poltical life left in him. Read about the survey at
Link here. .

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21 Responses to Run Al Run

  1. DJ says:

    If he jumped in, I’d seriously re-consider my support in the race.


  2. Linda says:

    I agree with DJ 100%

    Run Al, run…


  3. julesgordon says:

    Oh God, save us.

    He has convinced the American people that global warming is caused by human activity. THIS IS NOT SETTLED SCIENCE.

    Using components of the global warming science, with satellite and ground sensors, super computers and sophisticated software these people cannot accurately predict the weather accurately five days off. Save a copy of a five or 10 day forecast and keep a record of what happens. HOW THE HECK CAN THEY PREDICT THE EFFECTS OF HUMAN ACTIVITY WHEN THE SCIENCE IS MANY TIMES MORE COMPLEX. (I don’t argue against the fact of global warming. It’s happened many times before, even before man walked the earth.)

    According to a news report that I caught on TV today, the Legal culture is organizing to sue on “Global Warming” issues; e.g. people will sue energy companies after a hurricane because the severity of the storm is exacerbated by pollutants. (Someday you and I will have a discussion about lawyers).

    All this brought to America by Al Gore and his Oscar. It’s the tip of the (melting)iceberg.

    I say let him have his Hollywood culture. He basks in the adoration.

    I have other problems with him, but those are political and have no place here at this time.

    Talk to you tomorrow.


  4. Bill Manzi says:

    Based on that last post I assume you will not be ordering his new book. I recognize that science can be inexact, and I am not for scientific rigidity or orthodoxy that doesn’t allow questioning. I do however believe that human activity has led to warming, and that the bad effects of such warming are manifesting themselves. Even some conservatives are coming on board and suggesting market oriented solutions to carbon emissions (cap and trade anyone?)


  5. In regards to global warming, what is Methuen doing to increase recycling? It drives me crazy to see half my neighbors have NO recycling out while I recycle almost half of my trash. My taxes go up because they can’t be bothered to put their paper and plastics in separate containers?


  6. julesgordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Let’s examine your words-keep in mind I do not challenge global warming. I question the human impact.

    You recognize the science is “inexact”, which means you cannot argue for the human impact with certainty.

    The Weather man in Washington who challenged the premise was summarily fired by the state. No politics here, eh.

    You “believe” that human activity has an effect. Are you willing to enact legislation
    to regulate and tax Americans on your “belief”?

    Conservatives are just as dumb as their fellow liberals. Science is not settled by a show of hands. Science deals in truth as determined by rigorous testing with repeatable results.

    There is no one in this conversation, including Al Gore who can argue for or against the issue. We don’t have the training or experience.

    IT IS POLITICAL and dangerous. Look what has happened to price of food as farmers plant corn instead of their regular crop of vegetables to supply corn for ethanol plants. The shortage of corn has impacted meat, dairy and a host of other products in order to produce ethanol.

    This impacts poor families the most.

    The U.S. Government is better at screwing things up than fixing them. “I am here from the government to help you”.

    A thought; if it takes 400+ pages of twisted law to solve the Illegal immigration problem, How many pages would it take to reduce the carbon foot print low enough to end human caused global warming.

    Again I challenge you to do the weather test mentioned in the previous post.

    Other than that, are you having a good day.


  7. TeacherLady says:

    Al Gore on global warming.
    Michael Moore on healthcare.

    In my opinion, both of these viewpoints are extremely one-sided (to the extreme), and therefore neither person would make a good president. You’re the mayor, would you agree that regardless of your political orientation, you need to at least entertain opposing viewpoints? (Let’s go back a few days to that “balance” that was being discussed).

    Let the Hollywood types stay in Hollywood. Let the scientists make determinations on global warming. Let qualified doctors determine what’s best for the healthcare system.


  8. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Al Gore has convinced everybody, including your self, that human activity contributes to global warming.

    While we wait for the apocalypses to descend on us, Al’s minions are preparing to save the world by regulation and taxation that will miraculously diminish the evil pollutants.

    Before you, as mayor of this fine city, jump on his band wagon lets consider a few things.

    1. You recognize that science can be “inexact”, showing you rightfully harbor doubt.

    2. You enhance that doubt when you say you “believe that human activity has lead to warming” admitting you DO NOT KNOW. (sorry for yelling).

    3. Your assertion that “even conservatives are coming aboard” is a fatuous argument as you know Conservatives can be as dumb as Liberals
    as demonstrated by the latest illegal immigration confrontation. You will need a more plausible argument than that.

    4. Science is not a democracy. If there is one endevor that has identifiable truths it’s science. When concepts are confirmed by rigorous testing that can be reproduced by others, it is settled science, at least until someone shows otherwise. YOU CANNOT DEFINE A SCIENTIFIC PRICIPLE BY A SHOW OF HANDS.(sorry again for yelling, just trying to get your attention.)

    5. There is no one in this discussion who has the schooling, experience and body of knowledge to KNOW. Not feel, guess, presume, etc.

    6. If Mr. Gore feels he is correct, then he has to show his story to the Asians nations who are about to eclipse our economy without regard to the carbon foot print they will imbed in the earth.

    Believe as you will, but beware of the effects it will have on our country. Case in point; ethanol. There is such a rush to make this miracle cure (Hmmmph) that corn is getting scarce and land which grew our vegetables is being plowed over and changed to corn. Dairy , meat and vegetables prices are climbing. What does that do for “working families”.

    This will need thoughtful and technical leadership to lead us wisely through the next decade.

    Al’s not the man. I don’t know who is. We had better start thinking like a nation or we will pay a heavy price.


  9. ED/SAN ANTONIO, TX says:



  10. Bill Manzi says:

    Hey how about this Al Gore video from SNL I know that Jules should love this.


  11. Bill Manzi says:

    I am proud to say that we have a very succesful recycling program in Methuen. I will cite the statistics in an upcoming post (and had planned to do one on a new composting initiative in any case). The statistics will show that our total tonnage has stayed level or decreased from last year.This is attributable to increased recycling. Our recycling efforts have been aided by the mandatory removal of cardboard from the waste stream. The recycling market for some end products has gotten better recently, and that means Methuen benefits not only from the decreased tonnage into the regular waste stream from recycling, but can actually turn some of it into cash. As far as your complaint about your neighbors not recycling it is a common refrain that I hear. That really does mean that your good habits subsidize those who choose not to participate, since recycling is voluntary. Should mandatory recycling be extended to products other than cardboard? Or should cities limit the amount of trash picked up for free in the hopes of creating financial incentive to recycle. Both of those are contentious items politically, but I do agree that a higher participation rate would lower our overall trash bill!


  12. Bill Manzi says:

    To the Teacherlady I would say that balance is not what Al Gore is seeking in making his case on global warming. He is an advocate for a position, with the political heft to get his view into the public eye. As far as Al Gore goes I believe he would be a splendid President. Please keep in mind that if lack of balance were a disqualifying factor George Bush would have been thrown out of office some time ago. How does W stack up on the “balance” question? Gore’s attractiveness as a candidate extends well beyond his position on global warming. He warned of the disaster that the Bush invasion of Iraq would bring to us, and has been sounding the alarm on the Bush, Republican big government deficit spending binge that has brought the surplus of the Clinton/Gore years to deficits that are unprecedented in history. (Except maybe for the Reagan deficits).(Lockbox anyone?) A Gore Presidency would bring the U.S. back to a position of respectability in the world, correcting the W/Cheney damage done. As far as Michael Moore goes he is in a different category. He is an agent provocateur, seeking to focus attention and cause howls of outrage. I have not seen “Sicko” but plan to do so. How is Moore different from Rush Limbaugh and other agent provocateurs of the right? (Except that Limbaugh is a huge gasbag). Sorry for that gratatutious insult of gasbags.


  13. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Loved the video.

    I see the gloves are off. Well, here goes nothing. I will stack my gasbag up against your gasbag anytime. Did you read the Herald column by the English nurse describing the real “free” health care system. It’s financial problems and serious rationing of services is creating many hardships. When you see this piece of work you will not see this dark underbelly of the English system.

    Like Al Gore’s inconvenient lie, Michael Moore’s sicko will be told from his warped perspective.

    His goal is Socialized Medicine. Do you think we as a country can afford that?

    As Winston Churchill said ” Democracy is a bad system except for all the others” (or words to that effect.)

    I have lived and worked in England. If that’s what you are aiming for, the Europeanization of America, we will live with 10% unemployment and be held down by a stifling bureaucracy, worse than now.

    That’s not my America. Other than that, I hope you enjoy your weekend.


  14. Bill Manzi says:

    There are some things that I can agree with you on here. I admit I am not a scientist, and that my technical knowledge on these issues is limited.

    You enhance that doubt when you say you “believe that human activity has lead to warming” admitting you DO NOT KNOW. (sorry for yelling).

    Agreed on the doubt/knowledge point.

    The Weather man in Washington who challenged the premise was summarily fired by the state. No politics here, eh.

    Orthodoxy that does not tolerate dissent is intolerable! We agree on that.

    Your assertion that “even conservatives are coming aboard” is a fatuous argument as you know Conservatives can be as dumb as Liberals
    as demonstrated by the latest illegal immigration confrontation. You will need a more plausible argument than that.

    My point in bringing up conservatives was not to say that because some conservatives have acknowledged the problem the science is validated, but rather that application of some conservative principles (cap and trade) might mitigate some of the economic damage that some forsee from an international protocol to limit carbon emissions. Additionally some pretty big companies now see an opportunity to make money by going green. Maybe, just maybe, the fabled “market” will take care of some of the potential economic displacement. Additionally, unlike some of my democratic brethren I see potential in nuclear, and believe strongly in workable alternatives. (Cape Wind, anyone?) It is not my position that we need to wreck our economy to save the earth, but rather that we need to move in a green direction regardless of global warming. I also believe that any international protocol cannot regulate the U.S. economy while freeing the “developing” countries, but that should be negotiated. Finally let me refer you to the wonderful Al Gore Op Ed piece in today’s New York Times at this link. As far as Michael Moore goes I realize that his presentation can seem like surgery without anesthesia but he does highlight some pretty interesting inconsistencies of argument and certainly focuses in on some pretty terrible results. I realize that the British National Health Service has problems, but it has been much improved since the Conservatives were voted out. (Sorry about that chap, I just couldn’t resist). I think we are all aware that the American model, at a minimum, is showing some pretty severe cracks. Next post will be on Health care.


  15. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    We seem to be coming together when we ask specific questions. (Do I see a imperceptible tip to the right? Nah..glasses are dirty. I’m working on it.

    Private industry providing “green products and system is a fine application of free enterprise. I have replaced many light bulbs in my house with the florescent or LED types.

    I think we can agree that some of the pollutants in the air are not healthy and should be mitigated.

    Kosovo is a political process with little countries trying not to be trampled on, big countries engineering sly procedures like “carbon exchange” which let’s them carry on polluting as usual (ala the hypocrite Al Gore)

    Let me give you a fast held philosophy of mine. Once a federal institution is instituted it never goes away not matter how bad it becomes. It is modified from time to time by REFORMS, which makes it far worse.

    If Enron were a Federal Institution it would still be with us.

    Translate to Health care and it would become a boondoggle. Can you see, REFORMS, budget increases to cover escalating costs, oversight investigating fraud, etc.

    Our system IS THE BEST for a large, free country. The problem is financial. We should continue to struggle to find a solution in the private sector or a partnership with government (Large group). I have a suspicion that Insurance is not a proper vehicle for this use. Insurance doesn’t work if everyone on the plan uses it.

    If you are looking for horrible results, there is no system that does’nt have some. I this coutry we sue. I Cuba…tough.

    Mr. Moore is a blatant socialist period. He will not give you a fair and balanced view. And you admire him? Hmmmm.

    Talk to you later.


  16. Bill Manzi says:

    Some good points, and a concession that some of the parts of our system are not working. I agree that government run institutions have not covered themselves in glory, and that political types meddling in management tend to make institutions larger and permanent (I’ll mention the Mass Pike before you do)but I really believe that we have government intervention in health care now because the market will produce results that are not acceptable in this area. (What is the “free care pool” in Massachusetts?). Our system is broken, and care already is rationed for many. We have also seen the start of wait times before some medical services can be procured. As far as Moore goes I have to admit that he has highlighted some pretty big inconsistencies in his prior work. I don’t know that I would use the term admire, but I certainly respect his ability to focus attention on a subject. As you know you don’t always have to agree with the agenda to say “whoa, I didn’t know that about our health care system”. I have not seen the new movie but will do so and comment further at that time.


  17. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    Watch this for a left tilt.

    I have concluded that the better model may be a Government/private collaboration.

    The country can be divided into logical regions and providers would offer services.

    The Government would arrange for private care givers (does not have to be insurance companies) that will provide care to large population groups. The population groups would be divided into income levels so the evil rich would pay a larger cost than the poorer “working family” types. Those below a certain income level will receive free (arghhh, I can’t breath) care. The groups would be arranged in a Gerrymandered way to maintain a normal distributed population to make cost predictable.

    The costs are covered by both gov and care receiver in a manner that would make the user of the service a careful consumer. Now consumers of health care don’t care because payments are made by a third party. Consumers need choice. A plan that becomes too expensive can be replaced by another.

    Lots of stuff to be worked out. Cost of care cannot be free and the consumer must be free to chose if we hope to control cost.

    Government can organize and mitigate, but must never be the sole payer.

    What do you think?

    Holy cow, there are some tough guys pounding on my door dressed in SWAT outfits that say RNC. They are going to take me to the Remedial program. See you later I hope. (how did they know?)


  18. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Were you mesmerized with Al Gore’s world wide earth live concert? If you were not many joined you.

    Maybe there is hope yet.

    Have you discussed with your trash dump experts what would happen if there was a major shift to fluorescent bulbs, which, I believe, contain some mercury?

    There has been law written different parts of the country outlawing incandescent bulbs as part of global warming mitigation effort.

    I wonder if we create one problem to resolve another. (unintended consequences)

    That’s my view.


  19. Bill Manzi says:

    I guess I can admit to not tuning in for the Al Gore Earthfest. I have not discussed with anyone the effects of the fluorescent bulbs you mention. I am not aware that they have a mercury component, but I will check it out. I guess Gore closed the door a little tighter on a prospective run, which I am sure might have made the show somewhat more palatable to you. I personally think a Gore non-candidacy is a loss for the country.


  20. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor

    I, thinks it’s a good thing he’s not running.

    ‘nough said.



  21. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Robert Kennedy is recorded as calling several conservatives fascists and traitors calling for boycotts of their sponsors. He was screaming.

    Another Kennedy that is a Democratic hero.


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