Contractual Authority

Methuen’s City Council voted down an attempt to restrict Mayoral contractual authority at last night’s (May 21) City Council meeting. The legislation was defeated on a 6-3 vote. The attempt to lower the authority to $25,000 from $50,000 has been a political football over the years, with the City Council restricting Mayor DiZoglio to an authority of $10,000 after a dispute on some purchasing. City Council then raised the authority back to $50,000 during the Pollard Administration. As a City Councilor I supported the higher amount, and now as Mayor I continue to support the $50,000 limit. As an administrator I appreciate the ability to move on items without having to wait for a City Council meeting for approval, especially in light of the fact that contractual spending is contained within City Council approved budgetary limits. I guess the political season is upon us!

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1 Response to Contractual Authority

  1. JJ Moore says:

    Stick with it Mayor. You’re doing a great job. Appears the council has nothing better to do than wanting to control every aspect of decision making in our community. Politcal season upon us for grandstanding I guess.

    They should find resolutions for services and programs that improve the quality of life for the disabled, veterans, low income and education.


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