Mayor Neil Perry Inaugural Address

Mayor Neil Perry delivered his Inaugural Address on January 6th, 2020 at Methuen High School. I was honored to be with all of the former Mayors and dignitaries on hand to enjoy the wonderful Inaugural event. The speech is below. Great to see so many old friends and colleagues at the event.

With Emcee Ryan Hamilton

With Inaugural emcee Ryan Hamilton

Mayor DiZoglio Matt Kraunelis

With former Mayor DiZoglio and ex Chief of Staff Matt Kraunelis

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Seabrook Announces Collective Bargaining Agreement with Firefighters

The Seabrook Board of Selectmen announced a contract agreement with the Seabrook Firefighters Association Local 2847 this week. The three year contract has no wage adjustment for FY 2020, FY2021, and FY 2022, with a 3% wage increase in January of 2023. Thanks to the Board of Selectmen and the Professional Firefighters for all of their work on this contract. There were three “open” contracts in this cycle, and the Board of Selectmen reached agreement with all three. This contract will be on the ballot in March.

Fire Union Contract Agreement

The Board of Selectmen announce a new collective bargaining agreement with the Fire Union

Three Union Agreements

All 3 unions that were open have reached agreement with Seabrook.

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Seabrook Announces Collective Bargaining Agreement with Police Association

The Board of Selectmen announced a one year contract agreement with the Seabrook Police Association, affiliated with Teamsters Local 633, this week. The agreement will have a “true zero” for FY 2020, with a 2.5% wage adjustment beginning January 1, 2021. There are educational and longevity incentives included, and those changes are also deferred until January 2021. This unit has been without a contract for several years. My thanks to the Teamsters, the SPA, and the Board of Selectmen, who worked very hard on this agreement.

Seabrook Police Coolective Bargaining Agreement

The Seabrook Board of Selectmen announce Collective Bargaining Agreement with SPA

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Seabrook Announces Collective Bargaining Agreement with SEA

The Seabrook Board of Selectmen announced this week a one year Collective Bargaining agreement with the Seabrook Employees Association, affiliated with Teamsters Local 633. The SEA is the largest of the Town of Seabrook’s employee unions, covering our DPW, Water, Sewer and some Police and Fire employees, as well as most of the clerical staff. This one year agreement will be on the ballot in March 2020, and would become effective, if passed, on April 1, 2020.
The contract has a “true zero” for FY 2020, with a wage increase of 50 cents per hour beginning on January 1, 2021. On the management side we appreciate the work and good faith shown in the negotiations by the SEA and Teamsters Local 633. The Board of Selectmen worked very hard on this contract and deserve recognition for that effort. This unit has been without a contract since 2017.

SEA Contract Announce

The Board of Selectmen announce a one year CBA with the SEA

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Hampton Chamber Awards and Annual Dinner

My thanks to the Hampton Chamber, and President John Nyhan, for the great honor of being selected as the recipient of the Chamber’s President Award at the 2020 annual dinner coming up next week. It truly is a team effort in Seabrook, and I thank the Board of Selectmen, and the staff, for all of their support and hard work. I am looking forward to the annual dinner, being held this year at “The Brook” in Seabrook. Hope to see you there.

The Hampton Union story on the Hampton Chamber Awards

With Chamber President John Nyhan and Eureka Gaming CEO Andre Carrier

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The Grand Opening of “The Brook” at Seabrook Park

The Seabrook Board of Selectmen led a delegation of Town officials to the soft opening of “The Brook,” the newly renovated facility at Seabrook Park, the old Yankee Greyhound facility. This continues the major investment and upgrade of the facility since the purchase by Eureka Gaming. The newly opened facility will feature entertainment, sports viewing, pari-mutuel wagering, and gaming. The facility features multiple screens to view the action, beautiful and comfortable seating, and some delicious food options. Sports wagering has been accepted in New Hampshire, and will be on the ballot in Seabrook in March. If successful sports gaming will likely be added to that menu. We are very grateful for the investment in Seabrook, which has brought jobs, and additional tax revenues for the Town, as well as major infusions to local charitable organizations. Our thanks to Greg Lee and Andre Carrier for their hospitality and for bringing a first rate organization to Seabrook.

At the soft opening of “The Brook” at Seabrook Park.

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The Methuen Inaugural Then and Now 2020 Edition

Congratulations to Mayor Elect Neil Perry, who will be sworn in Monday January 6, 2020 at Methuen High School at 6:00 p.m. Mayor Perry will be Methuen’s sixth Mayor of the modern era following the Charter change that brought us the Mayoral form of government in 1993. Methuen changed to a Town Administrator/Council form in 1973 and then a Town Manager/Council form of government after abandoning Town Meeting. After the 1993 change Methuen had its first Mayoral election since Samuel Rushton won the office before 1920. Mayors, by Charter, are limited to three two year terms. Let us take a look at how those six Mayors won office.

In 1994 Dennis DiZoglio led the ticket in the very large primary field, and then defeated a young upstart City Councilor named William Manzi in the final election. Mayor DiZoglio won three terms as Mayor, and during his tenure the school system built the three K-8 grammar schools (Marsh, Tenney, and the Timony schools.) Mayor DiZoglio had served as the Planner in Taunton and Peabody, and after his three terms were served in Methuen he became the General Manager of the MBTA for Planning and Development, and he retired as the Executive Director of the Merrimack Valley Planning Agency.

Mayor DiZoglio Sworn in.

Mayor DiZoglio sworn in by Town Clerk James Maloney.

Mayor DiZoglio Inaugural

Mayor DiZoglio gives his Inaugural address.

Mayor Sharon Pollard won the first of her three terms by defeating City Councilor Larry Giordano in her first run for that office. Mayor Pollard was a former State Senator, and a former Secretary of Energy for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, working for Governor Dukakis. A little remembered fact is that then City Councilor Steve Zanni was in that preliminary election for Mayor.

Mayor Pollard with Manzi Family

Mayor Pollard posing with the Manzi family at her Inaugural

Following Mayor Pollard was Mayor William Manzi III. (Yes, the same one that lost to Mayor DiZoglio.) In my initial race I defeated Ellen Bahan for the office. I also served three terms, and was very happy to secure the state financing for the Methuen High School project, becoming one of the first High Schools in the Commonwealth to be approved for funding under the newly created state system of funding local school infrastructure. Our financing package enabled Methuen to complete a $100 million project without requesting a Proposition 2.5 override.

Manzi Inaugural 2006

Jim Jajuga swears in Bill Manzi in 2006.

Manzi Inaugural 2006

Speaking to the crowd at the Tenney School in 2006.

Manzi Inaugural 2010.

The third Manzi Inaugural, in the Great Hall, Searles Building.

Mayor Stephen Zanni defeated Al Dinuccio in 2011, following Mayor Manzi in office, and twice won re-election. Mayor Zanni’s tenure included the completion of the Methuen High School project, and the total renovation of Nicholson Stadium, including brand new artificial turf. Mayor Zanni had served Methuen as a School Committee member, as well as being a Methuen City Councilor, and past Chairman of that body. A little remembered fact on Mayor Zanni is that he was a member of the Lawrence School Committee before moving to Methuen.

Zanni Swearing in 2012

Mayor Zanni sworn in by City Clerk Tina Touma-Conway.

Mayor Zanni City Council

Mayor Zanni poses with the newly elected City Council 2012.

The Four Mayors.

The Four Mayors of the modern era pose at the Inaugural of Mayor Zanni in January of 2012.

Mayor Zanni Second Inaugural

With Mayor Zanni at his second Inaugural, at the Methuen Memorial Music Hall, 2014.

Mayor Zanni Third Inaugural

With Mayor Zanni at his third Inaugural, with City Councilor Ron Marsan.

Mayor James P. Jajuga succeeded Mayor Zanni, winning election in 2017 while running unopposed. Mayor Jajuga is a former State Senator, has served as the Massachusetts Secretary of Public Safety,as well as having a long and distinguished career as a Massachusetts State Trooper. As a State Trooper Mayor Jajuga headed the Regional Drug Task Force. Mayor Jajuga also served as a Methuen City Councilor before becoming Mayor. Mayor Jajuga served one term, opting not to run for re-election in 2019. During his tenure the Methuen Rail Trail was completed, a major infrastructure project connecting Methuen to the regional trail system.

Mayor Jajuga Sworn In

Mayor Jajuga is Sworn in as Methuen’s Fifth Mayor of the Modern Era.

The Five Mayors

The Five Mayors of the modern era pose at Mayor Jajuga’s Inaugural

2018 Elected Officials

Methuen’s Elected Officials in a group photo.

New Hampshire Senator Lou D'Allasandro

With New Hampshire Senator Lou D’Allasandro visited Methuen for the Inaugural of James Jajuga

Mayor Neil Perry led the ticket in a four way primary in 2019, defeating Dan Shibilia and Don Riccio, and leaving City Council Chair Jennifer Kannan as his opponent in the general election. Mayor Perry defeated Councilor Kannan, succeeding Mayor Jajuga and becoming Methuen’s sixth Mayor of the modern era. Mayor Perry started his career as a teacher in the Methuen public schools, and followed that with a 30 year career in management at Raytheon. He holds an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University, and is a distinguished alumni of Central Catholic High School. Mayor Perry officially assumes his duties on January 6, 2020. Best wishes for a very successful term for the Mayor and the newly elected City Council.

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