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Is it the Gas Tax?

With House Speaker Bob Deleo talking about whittling down the Governor’s tax plan, and separating component parts by filing a separate, soon to come transportation bill, there is much speculation on how the Speaker might fund budgetary increases for transportation. … Continue reading

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Who is For a Fare Increase??

The Patrick Administration and Transportation Secretary James Aloisi suffered a huge embarassment today with the publishing of emails showing that Secretary Aloisi was the person pushing for fare increases at the MBTA. This after the Administration, and the Governor personally, … Continue reading

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Dan Grabauskas Likely Gone

Transportation Secretary James Aloisi, at an MBTA Board meeting occurring today, is moving to have General Manager Dan Grabauskas placed on paid administrative leave. Grabauskas demise as G.M. was predicted by unnamed aides to Governor Patrick in today’s Globe, indicating … Continue reading

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Grabauskas on the Chopping Block

MBTA General Manager Dan Grabauskas finds himself under fire from Governor Patrick and his Transportation Secretary James Aloisi, having three members of the MBTA Board firing off a letter that essentially is a vote of no confidence in his continued … Continue reading

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MBTA Fallout

Today’s Globe printed a follow up story on the potential fare increases and service cutbacks at the T, and the story ran the gamut from outraged users to legislators saying that the T would not be getting the 6 cents … Continue reading

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The MBTA Raises the Warning Flag

The MBTA, facing a deficit of $160 million in the next fiscal year, outlined both fare hikes and service cuts in an internal document leaked to the Globe. The document outlined the service cuts, which would be considerable. Bus service … Continue reading

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M.B.T.A. heads towards insolvency

With the prospective toll hikes at the Pike taking all of our attention the dire financial condition of the M.B.T.A. has not received much attention lately. But we should all start paying attention, as the situation there goes from bad … Continue reading

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