Methuen Inaugurals Now and Then

I have been happy to do some posts about Methuen Inaugurals, with posts pairing some highlights from a new Mayor’s ceremony with a history of inaugural ceremonies in Methuen since the charter change creating the Mayor form in Methuen. Unfortunately, with COVID, Mayor Neil Perry was forced to forego a ceremony for his second term swearing in. A belated congratulations to Mayor Perry and the City Council upon the commencement of the new term of office this year.

I continue to find interesting documents in the “archives,” kept by my family. I have attached below the program book for my first mayoral inaugural ceremony in 2006, which of course included the City Council, the School Committee, the Nevins Library, and the Greater Lawrence Technical High School.

The officials that were sworn in that day were willing to offer themselves for service and were a fine group of public servants. We unfortunately have lost some of those officials in the many years that have gone by. We should remember those people always, as all were committed to the City of Methuen and contributed to the City in so many ways. They are:

Arthur Nicholson
Kenneth Henrick
Martha Welch
Joseph Leone III
Robert Andrew
Pat Hennessy
Madeline Varitimos

We had the honor of having Congressman Marty Meehan as part of the program. Marty Meehan is now the President of the University of Massachusetts system.

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