Rep. Campbell Steps Down

State Representative Linda Dean Campbell has announced that she is not going to stand for re-election. Rep. Campbell will have served eight terms in the House of Representatives at the conclusion of this term. I had the pleasure of serving with her on the Methuen City Council, where she was the West District Councilor for six years.

Rep. Campbell has served her district well, and that service is reflected in her never losing an election, either as a candidate for Representative, or as a candidate for City Council. As the Mayor I filed the necessary applications for the Methuen High School Project, and as Methuen’s Representative Linda Campbell was instrumental in delivering the state aid that made that project possible. Rep. Campbell joined myself and Senator Baddour as we toured the City, bringing informational meetings to all of the City’s districts to build support for the financing for the project.

Rep. Campbell has been a strong voice, and a real leader, in filing legislation to correct the terrible tragedy that happened at the Holyoke Soldiers Home. When it came to Veteran’s issues there was no stronger voice than Campbell, herself a veteran of the U.S. Army, and a paratrooper. Her press release is below. We will miss her, and her dedicated public service. I am quite sure that she will not appreciate the pictures I have placed below, showing her over the years. Congratulations and best wishes to Rep. Linda Dean Campbell.

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