Congressman Pappas Visits Seabrook

Congressman Chris Pappas visited the Seabrook Wastewater Plant last week for a roundtable discussion on infrastructure and resiliency. This visit coincided with the release to the Board of Selectmen of the study just completed on the challenges that rising sea levels will present to the Seabrook Wastewater Plant. Congressman Pappas took a tour of the facility, led by Water and Sewer Superintendent Curtis Slayton and Chief Operator Daumanic Fucile. The report, which I will post online very shortly, highlights the severe challenges facing the plant from sea level rise in the years to come. The report does not just highlight problems but makes positive recommendations for plant “hardening” in specific areas. The Congressman and staff took the time to be acquainted with the report, and we were able to discuss specific measures, and their costs, with Congressman Pappas. The Board of Selectmen emphasized the importance of the financial participation of the federal government in coastal resiliency, and of the efforts to protect the major investment Seabrook has made in the wastewater treatment facility.

My thanks to Rob Werner, from the New Hampshire League of Conservation Voters, and Rodger Stephenson from the Union of Concerned Scientists, for their participation and assistance on this visit. Our great thanks to Congressman Pappas for taking the time to visit and discuss these vital issues. The Seabrook Board of Selectmen, in commissioning the study, have shown great leadership on protecting the assets of the Town of Seabrook.

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