Seabrook Water Tanks Get Key Maintenance

The Seabrook Board of Selectmen joined Water-Sewer Superintendent Curtis Slayton and Water Chief Operator George Eaton on a tour of the Route 286 Water Tank, which has had work on it restarted. This project, approved by the Board and the voters through Article 5 in 2019, provided finance to fully sandblast and recoat the interior and exteriors of the Route 107 and Route 286 water tanks. The Route 107 tank was completed last year, and we are on schedule to complete the 286 tank by mid-May. This project is part of the deep commitment of the Board of Selectmen to protecting our water infrastructure and bringing new sources of water online. Thanks to Curtis Slayton and George Eaton, who have done such a wonderful job of managing this project while keeping our water flowing. This project was budgeted at $2,039,000 and we have brought it in at $1.3 million.

Route 286 Water Tank
Visiting the Route 286 Water Tank.
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