The Seabrook Beach Re-Opening Plan

The Board of Selectmen have outlined the policies that will govern Seabrook Beach upon re-opening. While the plan contains the details there are some issues that require clarification.
1. Seabrook Beach is governed by the Governor’s Emergency Orders.
2. The phase one reopening plan will commence upon a modification of the Governor’s orders, which can only be done by the Governor.
3. The policy goal of the Board, in phase one, of “resident only” usage of the Beach, shall be driven by parking restrictions. There will be no beach sand passes, or ID checks.
4. Parking placards will be suspended for the duration of the 2020 season.
5. Parking on beach streets shall be resident only (resident sticker required)
6. The Board has approved the “on the sand” restrictions outlined in the plan. On the sand restrictions shall be promulgated by the Governor. We have sent the “on the sand” recommendations in the plan to the Governor’s Reopening Task Force.

The full plan is below.

Seabrook Beach Reopening

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