Methuen Completes Rail Trail

I was delighted to be able to attend the ribbon cutting for the Methuen Rail Trail, which occurred last week. The completion of this trail comes after the City secured a $1.95 million Gateway Cities Parks Grant, which is such a great indication of the first rate Legislative delegation that represents Methuen. State Senator Diana DiZoglio, State Representatives Linda Dean Campbell, State Representative Frank Moran, and State Representative Christine Minicucci all worked very hard to bring that grant to Methuen. Congrats to Mayor Jajuga for all of his hard work on this as well. Economic Development Director William Buckley and his first rate team really did an outstanding job in managing this process and keeping everyone on the right path. This entire project is a testament to the tenacity, hard work, and dedication of the Methuen Rail Trail volunteers, who have worked so hard over so many years. Check out their website.

A neat part of this project is the participation of the Greycourt Poets, who have added the “poets wall” with some wonderful works on display. My former Chief of Staff Matt Kraunelis, who worked diligently on this project during my Administration, has continued to contribute through the Greycourt Poets.

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