Happy Birthday Eric Clapton

One of the very greatest musicians of his era, and most certainly at the top of the list of the great rock guitarists, Eric Clapton turns 74 today. He has never been content to stay in one musical spot for very long, and while that has brought some short term disappointment it has brought us a career of outstanding music done his way. His ability to share the stage with some of the greatest talent in music has brought us all endless enjoyment. The below clips are from Clapton reuniting with the great Steve Winwood at a Crossroads festival to bring us what I consider to be the very best version of the Blind Faith masterpiece “Had to Cry Today” as well as Clapton sitting in as a session player in 1967 for Aretha as she does “Good to Me As I Am to You.” Clapton’s wardrobe for that session might have been a bit out there but he showed what he could do sitting in with some very talented musicians. His meeting, and playing with, Duane Allman brought us some music through the Layla sessions that still amazes all these years later. Happy Birthday Slow Hand!

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