Tom Duggan Interview

Valley Patriot Publisher Tom Duggan came on the Manzi in the Morning Show to talk about the new issue of the Valley Patriot, and to talk about some of the current disagreements that are roiling the Tea Party movement. The Mass Resistance folks have been heavily critical of those “other” Tea Party folks who are concerned only with “fiscal issues”, and the above link gives a pretty good idea of the type of criticism they are leveling. Duggan has responded with a Facebook posting, posted below, that responds to that criticism. He talks about those issues in this interview, which is worth a listen. Duggan will be the emcee at this Saturday’s Greater Boston Tea Party rally, which he also talks about. Thanks to Tom Duggan for coming on the show.

A piece of prose for my brethren in Tea Party Groups all over New England


I BELIEVE… that the Greater Boston and the other chapters of tea parties in MA have a cancer that is growing.
I BELIEVE that cancer will turn the Tea Party into an irrelevant group of haters if it is not recognized and stopped
I BELIEVE… that the biggest threat to the Tea Party is not Obama or the Democrats, not the media or hollywood

I BELIEVE…the biggest threat to the Tea Party are the posers among us who fake outrage that others are RINOS or NEO CONS or just not conservative enough to: support for office, talk to in a coffee shop, speak at a Tea Party Rally, wave to in traffic.
Because… I BELIEVE… they are not conservatives at all

I BELIEVE… these posers are liberals in denial or just pretending to be conservative
I BELIEVE… these posers have revealed themselves at every turn through the WAY they discuss and argue

I BELIEVE…name calling, attacking people personally, labeling and stereotyping based on the group you belong to is something LIBERALS DO … NOT conservatives
I BELIEVE… these posers also have a track record of supporting Democrats and the Obama administration by sabotaging Republicans who oppose them
I BELIEVE… the proof is in their rhetoric on this very page

I BELIEVE… they helped to defeat RepublcanRichard Tisei and elect John Tierney, which ultimately helps advance the LIBERAL agenda.. .NOT the conservative agenda
I BELIEVE… they helped Elizabeth Warren Defeat Scott Brown which delighted ONLY the media, hollywood, liberals and the Democrat party….. OH yeah… and the so called RIGHT WING of the tea party that giggled with GLEE that the RINO Scott Brown was gone
I BELIEVE… those who took such glee are only in this movement to destroy it

I BELIEVE… from observing teh posers that they spend ALL their time attacking REPUBLICANS and other Tea Party members (sometimes personally) and spend almost NO time attacking liberal ideas
I BELIEVE… a few random posts don’t cut it as a defense to the above belief

I BELIEVE… that if we allow people to go unchallenged when they PRETEND to be conservatives especially when their every effort results in a win for DEMOCRATS AND LIBERALS …..we are doomed as a movement

I BELIEVE… those who cry about “censorship” when they are deleted on a discussion page (for stepping OVER the line)… and then endeavor to SILENCE speakers at a rally… do not sound like FREE SPEECH advocates or conservatives at ALL they sound like uninformed liberals

I BELIEVE… they are a cancer because they foster hate and create hostility among those who should be working TOGETHER… which DELIGHTS the media and liberals and Hollywood….

I BELIEVE… the Tea Party should hear from and listen to people with DIFFERENT views than we have, but on issues where we agree and can work together on after all…
I BELIEVE… we can’t ALWAYS be right about EVERYTHING

I BELIEVE… That the leadership of the Greater Boston Tea Party is going in the RIGHT direction by being willing to work with people on the other side of the aisle for a common goal (like Democrat Senator Katy Ives who is sponsoring and fighting for photos on ALL EBT cards)

I BELIEVE… that those who criticize this kind of progress because they are hung up on viewing political Adversaries as ENEMIES only damages the Tea Party ….almost beyond repair.

I BELIEVE… That if you are a congressman and your job is to pass a budget … and you DON’T… we shouldn’t PAY YOU!
I BELIEVE… there are groups like NO LABELS who are on the forefront of that fight.
I BELIEVE… whatever ELSE they are engaged in is irrelevant if they can educate us on the ISSUE
I BELIEVE… hearing what they have to say can only help us
I BELIEVE… it gives us a chance to see how other groups GET THINGS DONE because our record on that front isn’t very good!

I BELIEVE… that the more reasonable members of the Tea Party consist of 80% or more of the movement
and I BELIEVE… that majority agrees with most of what I believe … that there are no “enemies” only adversaries on ISSUES… that not ALL Democrats are “against us”, that working with people on the “other side” advances our agenda and gives us credibility, …. that Social issues only distract from our Tax Message and hand the media more ammunition to paint us as kooks …

And … I BELIEVE… that if you come to the Greater Boston Tea Party Rally on Saturday you will see an example of that

But make no mistake about it, the very vocal minority in this movement who are posers … are trying very hard to destroy this movement from within,
I BELIEVE… THEY are standing in the way of PROGRESS and GROWTH for the party
I BELIEVE… we have a chance of winning the war on taxes and big government.
I BELIEVE… we have a really good chance of winning the culture war with the media
I BELIEVE… the Tea Party can’t do that unless we marginalize the posers who use phrases like NEO CON and RINO because that only pushes people in the middle AWAY From us

I BELIEVE… The Tea Party is at a cross roads, it’s time to sink or swim, you can stand with the posers, circle the wagons and shoot IN… or you can help us work within the political system … sometimes across the aisle… to force REAL conservative fiscal legislation and expose waste adn fraud in our government.

BUT … I BELIEVE… it’s up to YOU!

See you Saturday.

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1 Response to Tom Duggan Interview

  1. Renee says:

    How can one not separate social concerns with fiscal concerns? I only speak for myself, and have no association with MassResistance and I disagree with them.

    Social issues affect fiscal costs. If I want to lower the fiscal costs of government, we need to find a way of addressing the costs of social breakdown. Family stability was seen as a preventive measure for children, in the past seen in the promotion of marriage laws and family/father initiatives under Clinton, Bush, and Obama.

    I realize I’m talking as if I’m dinosaur living in 1995 when I talk about marriage, anyone who lives in a neighborhood with low rates of father residence and how it affects the whole community.

    If the Tea Party doesn’t want to address this, I might as well vote for Democrats who I know will fund Father Engagement programs through the Department of Children & Families and still understand the importance of fathers even though we can not connect the mother/father relationship to being the reason for marriage.

    Sorry to be so old school, and think children have a right to both biological parents. We live in a state that is beyond gay marriage, but realities still remain children need both their mother and father and the law needs to address those concerns and will in a new format.


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