We Have a Methuen Mayor's Race

Last night Methuen City Councilor Jennifer Kannan opened the 2013 campaign season by declaring her intent to run for Mayor of Methuen. Councilor Kannan is hoping to unseat incumbent Mayor Steve Zanni, who has already announced his intent to run for re-election.

The Zanni-Kannan race should be hotly contested, and likely very close. Will there be a third or fourth candidate? Very important question, especially in light of the past political alliance between Mayor Zanni and Councilor Kannan. A candidate from the “conservative” wing (are you listening Al Dinuccio) might find some running room in a primary. What will happen? Let us start by trying to get the candidates on the “Manzi in the Morning” show on WCAP this Wednesday at 10:00 am. Not a debate, but separate appearances, with time for phone calls as well. The invites go out today. I will let you know who accepts, and who does not. Stay tuned. I have embedded the below video from the Eagle Tribune website.

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