NRA Delusions on Background Checks

NRA V.P. Wayne LaPierre appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, and despite his personal endorsement of background checks many years earlier LaPierre and the NRA have dug in hard against those background checks today.Chris Wallace grilled LaPierre on his many inconsistencies, and was simply incredulous at some of LaPierre’s answers. As the political battle begins in earnest over common sense regulations of firearms it appears that most everyone, including NRA members, are in favor of universal background checks. Most everyone except the NRA. I have a very difficult time understanding the opposition to background checks, as did Chris Wallace. LaPierre tries to sell some delusional “slippery slope” nonsense about a federal database on law abiding gun owners. Wallace cut through that like a knife through soft butter.

Despite the overwhelming support for background checks it is an open question as to whether a stand alone background check bill could get through the Republican House. In light of rank and file NRA support of such legislation you might be tempted to ask why that is the case? My answer is simple: follow the money. The NRA represents the gun industry, and background checks might just be bad for business. And the gun industry and the NRA are generous supporters of Republican House members. It is a shame that a single item, with huge popular support, cannot be enacted quickly. and it is truly indicative of the political problems facing the national Republican Party. It is not only the Republican “base” that is at issue, but more importantly it is the Republican donor class that is destroying the national Republican Party. Having Wayne LaPierre as the face of the national Republican brand certainly will not be helpful to that brand. This interview should tell you all you need to know about the NRA working constructively to help address obvious issues where consensus exists.

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