The Massachusetts Governor's Race

The Massachusetts Governor’s race will shortly come into focus, with the Senate special election diverting some attention in the short term, but the main event is not that far away. The withdrawal of Lt. Governor Tim Murray has opened the door for other potential candidates, and although it is early there are some major players looking at this race on the Democratic side. Two of the more interesting ones are Attorney General Martha Coakley, and Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll.

Attorney General Coakley has said that she is running for re-election, but with Murray out there is a clear path to victory for her. Since her loss to Scott Brown in the Senate race Martha Coakley has worked as hard as possible at her job as Attorney General. She has done some truly terrific work in that office, and in my opinion now stands as one of the most popular Democrats in the state. She would bring an awful lot to the table in that race, and it is my thought that she has certainly earned the huge respect that she commands today with Massachusetts voters, and with Democratic primary voters in particular. If she runs for Governor I make Coakley the betting favorite in that field, regardless of who else may or may not be in.

Another person that needs to be looked at for state wide office is Mayor Kim Driscoll of Salem. Mayor Driscoll is a terrific municipal manager who has done some great things for her City. She has been active state wide on so many issues vital to localities, and that leadership has resulted in her selection to head the Massachusetts Mayors Association. Mayor Driscoll has expressed reluctance to consider a run for Governor with Tim Murray a potential candidate, but that is no longer an issue. She may choose a run for Lt Governor, but I believe that she will be a strong candidate for state wide office regardless of which office she runs for.

Of course there will be other potential candidates for Governor. Mayor Joseph Curatone of Somerville would also be a candidate with a strong resume, and room to grow. Doctor Donald Berwick, relatively unknown but with a strong resume, may also run. The Democrats will have a strong field from which to choose, and you know there will be more coming. The next post on the Republicans….

Martha Coakley

Martha Coakley

Mayor Kim Driscoll

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3 Responses to The Massachusetts Governor's Race

  1. david gouvin says:

    We wish Kim the best of luck on her run for governor. We surely do not want Marthy Coakley to win. She is very dishonest and does not even care about people’s lives. We did report to Martha Coakley at lease a dozen times. That over $200.000 of state and federal grant money was being corruptly wasted by the D.H.C.D. of Boston and the people in charge of the grant money P.V.P.C. of Springfield. P.V. employees not only corruptly wasted all of this money they also put our family and friends and extreme danger by lying to us about our drinking water. This lie was told to cover up their corrupt actions. This lie we believe is responsible for the death of a young man and three others getting seriously ill. With throat tumors recto, and bladder bleeding, among other things. We gave all of our documents to Todd Smola our state rep. Todd gave all of our documents to Martha Coakley, to look over. After a dozen tries to speak with Martha Coakley personally, we were denied. But her aid told us that the attorney general is not going to do anything about all of the corruption because we are reporting on state employees. This is not right! Why should state employees get away with corruptly wasting over $200.000 of state money, and put a family in danger just because they are state employees. Well it is not bad enough that the attorney is turning her back on all of this corruption and looking the other way. She is also refusing to return our documents to us. This is very wrong! These documents are our property and they are evidence, that prove without a doubt all of this corruption. Isn’t it a crime to get rid of or hide evidence? We did try to contact 22 news but without our documents for evidence they will not report anything. We personally think they are protecting the attorney general. We also tried the ethic commission. Of course they are not going to do anything against the attorney general and other state employees.


  2. W dailey says:

    How do you like president Trump?


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