RIP Ronnie Ford

This week saw the passing of long time Methuen resident, City Councilor, and sometimes gadfly Ronnie Ford at age 75. Ronnie was a tremendous personality, beloved in Methuen for his gregarious nature and his willingness to always lend a helping hand to his neighbors, constituents, and even people with whom he disagreed politically. Ronnie was on the City Council when I arrived on the scene, and although we disagreed frequently he never held that against me (for more than a day). He was committed, like his friend Franny Roberge, to public housing, not always popular in a suburban community. But his commitment to help people never wavered, and his easygoing personality made him friends that lasted a lifetime. Methuen has suffered a big loss with his passing. Rest in Peace Ronnie Ford.

The Tribune story on Ronnie can be found here.

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