Remembering Foreman-Lyle

Many know that I have been a boxing fan for my entire life. So the political blog takes a look back at one of the greatest heavyweight fights that I have ever seen, the non-title bout between George Foreman and Ron Lyle.

This bout occurred in 1976, after the Foreman-Ali “Rumble in the Jungle”, and was part of the effort by Foreman to make a comeback after the Ali debacle. Ron Lyle, though not often remembered today, was a hard hitting heavyweight who had spent several years in the Colorado State Penitentiary, where he learned to box. Up until the Ali fight Foreman had been considered invincible, knocking out everyone in his path. A fighter like Lyle was thought to be made to order for Foreman, who loved fighters who came straight at him. But Lyle was unlike most of Foreman’s other opponents in that he was not afraid, of Foreman or of anyone else. And Lyle caught Foreman, and could have knocked him out, but essentially was so arm weary that he could not deliver the coup de grace. It was an incredible fight, called here by Howard Cosell.

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