Boob's Reckless Comments

So Bob Leblanc has gone on MCTV and managed to insult an entire section of the City, and also shown a reckless disregard for the truth. But what else is new?

Boob professes, in the attached video clip, to be concerned about receivership of substandard, abandoned, or foreclosed properties in the City of Methuen. Lets take his quotes, one by one.

He says, in the clip, “I am concerned that Bill Manzi and MAN, Inc, down in the Arlington District, are going to take over those properties”.

If this “attorney” knew anything at all about the receivership program he might understand that receivers do not “take over” properties, but rather bring them up to code under the supervision of a judge. The work is done at the receiver’s expense, and recovery of the money invested to restore blighted properties is the receivers responsibility. But the “attorney” does not wish to deal in facts, only in his sordid little game playing.

How about this doozy:

“I am not interested in proliferating the Arlington District into the rest of the City”

What is it exactly that the “attorney” does not want to “proliferate”? The people? Of course it is the neighborhood in Methuen with the highest concentration of minority citizens.

The “attorney” also came up with this:

“what makes me very nervous is that he attends the meetings on a regular basis”

“He” is a reference to myself, and the “meetings” are of the Building Safety Task Force. These meetings are of course posted, and open to the public. As a member of the public I have attended some meetings, and offered the perspective of the Methuen Arlington Neighborhood. So the “attorney” is “concerned” that I am attending public meetings, and that the Methuen Arlington Neighborhood is taking steps to bring abandoned and out of code buildings into code compliance within the neighborhood. Now why would that be?

In reference to Councilor Sean Fountain:

“He is an agent for Bill Manzi”

The attacks against people he considers to be his political opponents are continuous, ad hominem, and are designed to intimidate folks that he thinks he can push around. His comments are an embarrassment, and normally are best left ignored. But his insulting an entire class of citizens should be brought to the light of day, which this post will do. Clarity is a good thing, and we will have more of it in the days to come.

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