The Scott Brown Effect- Numbers in The First Essex Senate District

We have examined the statewide polling numbers in the Elizabeth Warren-Scott Brown race in earlier posts, with those numbers showing a difficult (but not impossible) road ahead for Senator Brown. But different regions of the Commonwealth have differing voting patterns, with Senator Brown generally doing better in suburban areas, and Martha Coakley performing better in urban areas. Will that pattern hold? It will likely, in a framework sense, hold true. The numbers, in a presidential election year, will obviously change as far as turnout. Will it change the traditional pockets of geographic strength that the parties have shown? I think some of the fundamentals will hold. How did Scott Brown fare against Martha Coakley in the First Essex Senate District? The numbers please.

The First Essex District has Amesbury, Newburyport, Salisbury, Merrimac, Haverhill, Methuen, North Andover (4 precincts). These numbers are from the 2010 special election. The North Andover numbers are town-wide, not just the precincts in the First Essex District.

Turnout- Scott Brown- Martha Coakley- Other

Amesbury 51% 3480- 57% 2543- 42% 70- 1%

Salisbury 51% 1927- 64% 1061- 35% 42- 1%

Merrimac 62% 1651- 60% 1042- 38% 37- 1%

Newburyport 65% 4174- 49% 4266- 50% 57- 1%

Methuen 49% 9171- 65% 4837- 34% 117- 1%

Haverhill 45% 11069- 60% 7259- 39% 202- 1%

North Andover 60% 7018- 64% 3826- 35% 80- 1%

Total Scott Brown 38,490- 60% Martha Coakley 24,834- 39% Other-605- 1%

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