Romney Sweeps to Victory in American Samoa

Mitt Romney took a couple of tough losses in the deep South, losing to Rick Santorum in both Alabama and Mississippi. And while it is true that Romney continues to accumulate delegates he is spending gobs of cash to do so. As Mike Murphy points out Romney is winning the delegate battle but “losing the narrative”. He continues to be blessed by the division of his opponents, with Newt Gingrich’s continued presence in this race a godsend to the Mittster. Mitt will be the nominee, as he is so far ahead of the pack organizationally that no other outcome is really possible. His win in American Samoa, on the same night he lost in Alabama and Mississippi, is good for a little fun, but shows that Romney is delegate hunting everywhere. He picked up all nine in Somoa.

Every day that goes by brings Romney closer to the magic number, but more marked up as a candidate. You would expect a “convention reset” for Romney, but the craziness coming out of the Republicans will make that reset just a wee bit harder. They are alienating some pretty large constituencies, including women and Latinos. I expect the race to be tight, and I would never dismiss Romney’s chances in the general. But from where I sit his ability to tack back to the center post-convention has been severely compromised. The President should not be counting the victory just yet, but he is looking pretty good today.

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