Suffolk in FLA

David Paleologos over at Suffolk has come out with the last FLA survey before tomorrow’s big primary, showing what has been evident in most of the other surveys. Mitt Romney is going to have a big day and win there by a large margin. The Suffolk survey has Romney at 47%, Newt Gingrich at 27%, Rick Santorum at 12%, and Ron Paul at 9%. Romney has taken to kicking Gingrich around pretty good for the past couple of days, savoring in his anticipated victory.

If these numbers hold up one of the key arguments made by Newt, that the anti-Romney vote is the majority but diluted by the presence of Rick Santorum, will be gone. And after this primary Newt should get his wish for that one on one showdown with Romney, as Rick Santorum will have no logical reason to stay in this race. (I know I am ignoring Ron Paul, but that is just the way it is) The proportional delegate selection in this Republican race means that Newt could, in theory, hang out and cause Romney some problems. Will he have the money to continue? I guess we will have to wait and see if Mr. Adelson will write some more $5 million checks!

As far as predictions go I will take the easy way out and ride with Paleologos.

1) Romney

2) Gingrich

3) Santorum

4) Paul.

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