Blood in the Gamecock Waters

The Republican race in South Carolina has begun to tighten, with the continuing assaults of Newt Gingrich beginning to slow the Mitt Romney train. Romney’s campaign has begun to slow themselves as well, with the news cycle being dominated first by the story of Romney’s effective tax rate being 15%, and now by the story that he has millions of dollars parked in investment vehicles in the Cayman Islands. It appears clear that nobody has uncovered anything illegal in the Romney revelations, but they have without question dominated the news cycle and contributed to the mini Gingrich surge. (Good thing I am waiting to make my South Carolina predictions)!

Romney has continued to display a real lack of “common touch” in his handling of this situation, showing a tin political ear whenever he appears to speak off the cuff. His comment that his roughly $350,000 in speaking fees were “not much” certainly held him up to ridicule, and rightfully so. So the Mittster had his worst week of this Presidential season, and is now facing a big debate tonight in South Carolina with Gingrich closing fast. If Newt is as effective tonight as he was in the last debate this race could be very tight.

Politico has a new poll that shows Romney still leading, but Gingrich closing. Romney stands at 37%, Gingrich at 30%, Ron Paul at 11%, Rick Santorum at 10%, and Rick Perry at 4%. Romney is hearing the footsteps. He unleashed two internet ads hitting Gingrich, but has been taking some heavy incoming himself. Should be a real good debate tonight.

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4 Responses to Blood in the Gamecock Waters

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    I love the way you set the photos to give the evil faces.

    The rest of this is OLD news copied right off the wire.

    Just a lesson in math; people do not pay tax rates. They pay taxes. Rates indicate an equation denoting a ratio with 2 variables, a denominator and numerator. The taxes payed are the calculated value of the equation. The use of this ratio without understanding all the variables as a political point is bogus. Warren buffet uses it compare his rate vs his secretary’s rate when in fact she pays less TAXES than he does.

    Things are heating up in the S.C. race.



  2. Bill Manzi says:


    Those photos are from Republican ads run against other Republicans. As far as percentages go they most certainly do matter. Of course Buffet pays more in overall dollars. But how fair is it that he should pay a much smaller percentage of his income than his secretary? That issue can and will resonate, especially when real sacrifice is being asked of seniors through Social Security and Medicare.



  3. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    The answer for your first point is, yes, it is fair that Romney pays a smaller percentage on capital gains because the rate is set as a matter of POLICY to encourage investment. Warren Buffet pays the same amount.

    Now, I challenge you to define what constitutes a fair amount. I claim Democrats want to confiscate what was once an American Dream.

    “How much should the rich pay to be fair. And what right do the Democrats have to redistribute someone else’s earnings through risking their wealth.



  4. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Your excuse for using Republican pictures is bogus as there are a myriad of nicer downloadable pictures. But, as a political consultant I see your point.



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